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Item availability restricted.

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Item availability restricted.


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Item availability restricted.

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Jewell, John 2017. It's time to tackle homophobia in football once and for all. The Western Mail

Jewell, John 2017. Jeremy Corbyn didn't win the general election but won the campaign. The Western Mail

Jewell, John 2017. Jeremy Corbyn's going to appear on Gogglebox - is that wise? The Western Mail 2017 (30 oct)

Jewell, John 2017. Jeremy Corbyn's refusal to play the media game comes at a cost. The Western Mail 2017 (15 May)

Jewell, John 2017. McDonald's sees controversy abound at the home of the Big Mac but it isn't all bad. The Western Mail 2017 (Jun 27)

Jewell, John 2017. My love letter to Peter Kay's Car Share. The Western Mail 2017 (17 Apr)

Jewell, John 2017. Netflix and be chilled? The Western Mail

Jewell, John 2017. Private Eye circulation soars as readers turn to satire - funny that. The Conversation 2017 (Feb 14)

Jewell, John 2017. Question Time is flawed - but it should still exist. The Western Mail

Jewell, John 2017. Search for profit is only search that matters for Google. The Western Mail 2017 , 1 Aug.

Jewell, John 2017. Should Twitter be a friend or foe? The Western Mail 2017 (27 Mar)

Jewell, John 2017. Should Twitter be friend or foe. The Western Mail 2017 (27 Mar)

Jewell, John 2017. Sky takeover would bring more power and influence to Murdochs. The Western Mail 2017 (13 Mar)

Jewell, John 2017. Their Finest - and how WWII triggered a bold cinematic renaissance. The Conversation

Jewell, John 2017. Trump tweets not helping 'crisis of communication'. The Western Mail 2017 (3 July)

Jewell, John 2017. Why Car Share is the one of the greatest comedies ever made. The Conversation 2017 (2 May)

Jewell, John 2017. Why coverage of Diana's death did not necessarily reflect the true picture of the UK's mood. The Western Mail 2017 (Aug 30)

Jewell, John 2017. Why hosting the Uefa Champions League final is a branding dream for Cardiff. The Western Mail

Jewell, John 2017. Why satire is thriving in the Trump era. Newsweek

Jewell, John 2017. Why the public appetite for political sex scandals? The Western Mail

Jewell, John 2017. Will Boris Johnson emerge as Tory leader and take Number 10? The Western Mail 2017 (9 Oct)

Jewell, John 2017. Will the beauty industry ever learn the lessons of creating 'racist' adverts? The Western Mail

Jewell, John 2017. You think your gadgets serve you - but they may be serving others. The Western Mail 2017 (20 Mr)

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Jones, Laura Marie, Namaani, Catherine and Kell, Clare 2017. It isn't all about the technology: An exploration of the impact of learning space design on collaborative approaches on the digital classroom'. Presented at: 24th Annual Conference of the Association for Learning Technology, Liverpool, UK, 5-7 September 2017.

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Item availability restricted.

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Item availability restricted.


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Item availability restricted.


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