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Bennett, Lucy 2012. Fan activism for social mobilization: A critical review of the literature. Transformative Works and Cultures 10 10.3983/twc.2012.0346

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Book Section

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Conference or Workshop Item

Bourne, Clea 2012. Unregulated investment schemes and the circuit of culture: the growth of online communities in Jamaica. Presented at: International Communications Association 2012, Phoenix, Arizona, 24-28 May 2012.

Bowman, Paul 2012. I know kung fu!? or: when Orientalism is a good thing. Presented at: ACS Crossroads Conference, Paris, France, July 2012.

Bowman, Paul 2012. Keeping it unreal: researching mediatized martial arts. Presented at: Researching Martial Arts in the Media and in the Gym, Cardiff , UK, 9 March 2012.

Bowman, Paul 2012. Rancière and the disciplines. Presented at: ACS Crossroads Conference, Paris, France, July 2012.

Kinnear, Susan 2012. A balancing act: Cultural pioneering in representations of New Zealand. Presented at: New Zealand Cultures: Sources, Histories, Futures, London, UK, 11-13 July 2012.


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Latchem, Julie and Kitzinger, Jenny 2012. What is important to residents with neurological conditions and their relatives in rehabilitation and long-term care centres? [Project Report]. Cardiff: Cardiff University. Available at:

Rupar, Verica 2012. Getting the facts right: Reporting ethnicity and religion. [Project Report]. Brussels: International Federation of Journalists. Available at:

Sambrook, Richard Jeremy 2012. Delivering trust: impartiality and objectivity in the digital age. [Working Paper]. Report, Oxford: Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, University of Oxford. Available at:


Abousnnouga, Naiema Gillian 2012. Visual and written discourses of British commemorative war monuments. PhD Thesis, Cardiff University.
Item availability restricted.

Cable, Jonathan 2012. Protest in action: An examination of the production, media representation and reflexivity of protest group communications strategies and protest tactics. PhD Thesis, Cardiff University.
Item availability restricted.

Cohen, Rachel 2012. Cinematic constructions of the female serial killer: A psychosocial audience study. PhD Thesis, Cardiff University.
Item availability restricted.

Delp, Robert Kyle 2012. The Obama Model and Britain: a doxological inquiry into the rhetoric and reception of strategic identification in the 2008 American presidential election. PhD Thesis, Cardiff University.
Item availability restricted.

Harris, Janet 2012. A dismal and dangerous occupation: an investigation into the discourses in the television news and documentary coverage of the British military in Iraq from 2004-2009, examining how the coverage plays out in specific genres. PhD Thesis, Cardiff University.
Item availability restricted.

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