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Menendez Gonzalez, Juan, Vukovic, Milica, Abdelfattah, Ali, Saleh, Lubaid, Almotiri, Alhomidi, Thomas, Leigh-Anne, Agirre-Lizaso, Alona, Azevedo, Aleksandra, Menezes, Ana Catarina, Tornillo, Giusy, Edkins, Sarah, Kong, Kay, Giles, Peter, Dos Anjos Afonso, Fernando, Tonks, Alex, Boyd, Ashleigh S, Kranc, Kamil R and Rodrigues, Neil P 2019. Gata2 as a crucial regulator of stem cells in hematopoiesis and acute myeloid leukemia. Stem Cell Reports 13 (2) , pp. 291-306. 10.1016/j.stemcr.2019.07.005

Caye, Aurélie, Rouault-Pierre, Kevin, Strullu, Marion, Lainey, Elodie, Abarrategi, Ander, Fenneteau, Odile, Arfeuille, Chloé, Osman, Jennifer, Cassinat, Bruno, Pereira, Sabrina, Anjos-Afonso, Fernando, Currie, Erin, Ariza-McNaughton, Linda, Barlogis, Vincent, Dalle, Jean-Hugues, Baruchel, André, Chomienne, Christine, Cavé, Hélène and Bonnet, Dominique 2019. Despite mutation acquisition in hematopoietic stem cells, JMML-propagating cells are not always restricted to this compartment. Leukemia 10.1038/s41375-019-0662-y

Lampreia, Fabio Pereira, Carmelo, Joana Gonçalves and Dos Anjos Afonso, Fernando 2017. Notch signaling in the regulation of hematopoietic stem cell. Current Stem Cell Reports 10.1007/s40778-017-0090-8

Foster, Katie, Lassailly, François, Dos Anjos Afonso, Fernando, Currie, Erin, Rouault-Pierre, Kevin and Bonnet, Dominique 2015. Different motile behaviors of human hematopoietic stem versus progenitor cells at the osteoblastic niche. Stem Cell Reports 5 (5) , pp. 690-701. 10.1016/j.stemcr.2015.09.003

Miraki-Moud, Farideh, Ghazaly, Essam, Ariza-McNaughton, Linda, Hodby, Katharine A., Clear, Andrew, Dos Anjos Afonso, Fernando, Liapis, Konstantinos, Grantham, Marianne, Sohrabi, Fareeda, Cavenagh, Jamie, Bomalaski, John S., Gribben, John G., Szlosarek, Peter W., Bonnet, Dominique and Taussig, David C. 2015. Arginine deprivation using pegylated arginine deiminase has activity against primary acute myeloid leukemia cells in vivo. Blood 125 (26) , pp. 4060-4068. 10.1182/blood-2014-10-608133

Niavarani, Ahmadreza, Currie, Erin, Reyal, Yasmin, Dos Anjos Afonso, Fernando, Horswell, Stuart, Griessinger, Emmanuel, Luis Sardina, Jose and Bonnet, Dominique 2015. APOBEC3A is implicated in a novel class of G-to-A mRNA editing in WT1 transcripts. PLoS ONE 10 (3) , e0120089. 10.1371/journal.pone.0120089

Griessinger, E., Dos Anjos Afonso, Fernando, Pizzitola, I., Rouault-Pierre, K., Vargaftig, J., Taussig, D., Gribben, J., Lassailly, F. and Bonnet, Dominique 2014. A niche-like culture system allowing the maintenance of primary human acute myeloid leukemia-initiating cells: A new tool to decipher their chemoresistance and self-renewal mechanisms. Stem Cells Translational Medicine 3 (4) , pp. 520-529. 10.5966/sctm.2013-0166

Dos Anjos Afonso, Fernando and Bonnet, Dominique 2014. Forgotten gems. Cell Cycle 13 (4) , pp. 503-504. 10.4161/cc.27788

Dos Anjos Afonso, Fernando, Currie, Erin, Palmer, Hector G., Foster, Katie E., Taussig, David C. and Bonnet, Dominique 2013. CD34− cells at the apex of the human hematopoietic stem cell hierarchy have distinctive cellular and molecular signatures. Cell Stem Cell 13 (2) , pp. 161-174. 10.1016/j.stem.2013.05.025

Miraki-Moud, F., Dos Anjos Afonso, Fernando, Hodby, K. A., Griessinger, E., Rosignoli, G., Lillington, D., Jia, L., Davies, J. K., Cavenagh, J., Smith, M., Oakervee, H., Agrawal, S., Gribben, J. G., Bonnet, Dominique and Taussig, D. C. 2013. Acute myeloid leukemia does not deplete normal hematopoietic stem cells but induces cytopenias by impeding their differentiation. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 110 (33) , pp. 13576-13581. 10.1073/pnas.1301891110

Rouault-Pierre, Kevin, Lopez-Onieva, Lourdes, Foster, Katie, Dos Anjos Afonso, Fernando, Lamrissi-Garcia, Isabelle, Serrano-Sanchez, Martin, Mitter, Richard, Ivanovic, Zoran, de Verneuil, Hubert, Gribben, John, Taussig, David, Rezvani, Hamid Reza, Mazurier, Frédéric and Bonnet, Dominique 2013. HIF-2α protects human hematopoietic stem/progenitors and acute myeloid leukemic cells from apoptosis induced by endoplasmic reticulum stress. Cell Stem Cell 13 (5) , pp. 549-563. 10.1016/j.stem.2013.08.011

Jaganathan, Bithiah, Dos Anjos Afonso, Fernando, Kumar, Atul and Bonnet, Dominique 2013. Active RHOA favors retention of human hematopoietic stem/progenitor cells in their niche. Journal of Biomedical Science 20 (1) , 66. 10.1186/1423-0127-20-66

Kallinikou, Konstantina, Dos Anjos Afonso, Fernando, Blundell, Michael P., Ings, Stuart J., Watts, Michael J., Thrasher, Adrian J., Linch, David C., Bonnet, Dominique and Yong, Kwee L. 2012. Engraftment defect of cytokine-cultured adult human mobilized CD34+ cells is related to reduced adhesion to bone marrow niche elements. British Journal of Haematology 158 (6) , pp. 778-787. 10.1111/j.1365-2141.2012.09219.x

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Vargaftig, J., Taussig, D. C., Griessinger, E., Dos Anjos Afonso, Fernando, Lister, T. A., Cavenagh, J., Oakervee, H., Gribben, J. and Bonnet, Dominique 2011. Frequency of leukemic initiating cells does not depend on the xenotransplantation model used. Leukemia 26 (4) , pp. 858-860. 10.1038/leu.2011.250

Poulin, L. F., Salio, M., Griessinger, E., Dos Anjos Afonso, Fernando, Craciun, L., Chen, J. -L., Keller, A. M., Joffre, O., Zelenay, S., Nye, E., Le Moine, A., Faure, F., Donckier, V., Sancho, D., Cerundolo, V., Bonnet, Dominique and Reis e Sousa, C. 2010. Characterization of human DNGR-1+ BDCA3+ leukocytes as putative equivalents of mouse CD8 + dendritic cells. Journal of Experimental Medicine 207 (6) , pp. 1261-1271. 10.1084/jem.20092618

Dos Anjos Afonso, Fernando and Bonnet, Dominique 2008. Isolation, culture, and differentiation potential of mouse marrow stromal cells. Current Protocols in Stem Cell Biology 10.1002/9780470151808.sc02b03s7

Pálmer, Héctor G., Dos Anjos Afonso, Fernando, Carmeliet, Geert, Takeda, Hikaru and Watt, Fiona M. 2008. The vitamin D receptor is a Wnt effector that controls hair follicle differentiation and specifies tumor type in adult epidermis. PLoS ONE 3 (1) , e1483. 10.1371/journal.pone.0001483

Taussig, D. C., Miraki-Moud, F., Dos Anjos Afonso, Fernando, Pearce, D. J., Allen, K., Ridler, C., Lillington, D., Oakervee, H., Cavenagh, J., Agrawal, S. G., Lister, T. A., Gribben, J. G. and Bonnet, Dominique 2008. Anti-CD38 antibody-mediated clearance of human repopulating cells masks the heterogeneity of leukemia-initiating cells. Blood -New York- 112 (3) , pp. 568-575. 10.1182/blood-2007-10-118331

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Pearce, Daniel J., Dos Anjos Afonso, Fernando, Ridler, Christopher M., Eddaoudi, Ayad and Bonnet, Dominique 2007. Age-dependent increase in side population distribution within hematopoiesis: Implications for our understanding of the mechanism of aging. Stem Cells 25 (4) , pp. 828-835. 10.1634/stemcells.2006-0405

Dos Anjos Afonso, Fernando and Bonnet, Dominique 2006. Nonhematopoietic/endothelial SSEA-1+ cells define the most primitive progenitors in the adult murine bone marrow mesenchymal compartment. Blood 109 (3) , pp. 1298-1306. 10.1182/blood-2006-06-030551

Dos Anjos Afonso, Fernando, Siapati, Elena K. and Bonnet, Dominique 2004. In vivo contribution of murine mesenchymal stem cells into multiple cell-types under minimal damage conditions. Journal of Cell Science 117 (23) , pp. 5655-5664. 10.1242/jcs.01488

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