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Aros, Danilo, Garrido, Nicole, Rivas, Constanza, Medel, Marcela, Muller, Carsten, Rogers, Hilary and Úbeda, Cristina 2020. Floral scent evaluation of three cut flowers through sensorial and gas chromatography analysis. Agronomy 10 (1) , 131. 10.3390/agronomy10010131

Spadafora, Natasha D., Cocetta, Giacomo, Ferrante, Antonio, Herbert, Robert J., Dimitrova, Simon, Davoli, Daniela, Fernández, Marta, Patterson, Valentine, Vozel, Tinkara, Amarysti, Canesia, Rogers, Hilary J. and Muller, Carsten T. 2019. Short-term post-harvest stress that affects profiles of volatile organic compounds and gene expression in rocket salad during early post-harvest senescence. Plants 9 (1) , 4. 10.3390/plants9010004

Spadafora, Natasha D., Cocetta, Giacomo, Cavaiuolo, Marina, Bulgari, Roberta, Dhorajiwala, Rakhee, Ferrante, Antonio, Spinardi, Anna, Rogers, Hilary J. and Muller, Carsten T. 2019. A complex interaction between pre-harvest and post-harvest factors determines fresh-cut melon quality and aroma. Scientific Reports 9 , 2745. 10.1038/s41598-019-39196-0

El-Mogy, Mohamed M, Ludlow, Richard A, Roberts, Callum, Muller, Carsten T and Rogers, Hilary J 2019. Postharvest exogenous melatonin treatment of strawberry reduces postharvest spoilage but affects components of the aroma profile. Journal of Berry Research 9 (2) , pp. 297-307. 10.3233/JBR-180361

O'Leary, Jade, Eastwood, Dan, Muller, Carsten and Boddy, Lynne 2018. Emergent properties arising from spatial heterogeneity influence fungal community dynamics. Fungal Ecology 33 , pp. 32-39. 10.1016/j.funeco.2018.02.001

Spadafora, Natasha D., Cammarisano, L., Rogers, Hilary J. and Muller, Carsten 2018. Using volatile organic compounds to monitor shelf-life in rocket salad. Acta Horticulturae (1194) , pp. 1299-1305. 10.17660/ActaHortic.2018.1194.183

Cocetta, G., Spadafora, Natasha D., Cavaiuolo, M., Bulgari, R., Rogers, Hilary J., Spinardi, A., Muller, Carsten T. and Ferrante, A. 2018. Effect of temperature and cut size on the volatile organic compound profile, and expression of Chorismate synthase in fresh-cut melon. Acta Horticulturae (1194) , pp. 1175-1180. 10.17660/ActaHortic.2018.1194.167

Gabirot, Marianne, Buatois, Bruno, Muller, Carsten and Bonadonna, Francesco 2018. Odour of King Penguin feathers analysed using direct thermal desorption discriminates between individuals but not sexes. Ibis 160 (2) , pp. 379-389. 10.1111/ibi.12544

Amaro, Ana L., Spadafora, Natasha D., Pereira, Maria J., Dhorajiwala, Rakhee, Herbert, Robert J., Müller, Carsten T., Rogers, Hilary J. and Pintado, Manuela 2018. Multitrait analysis of fresh-cut cantaloupe melon enables discrimination between storage times and temperatures and identifies potential markers for quality assessments. Food Chemistry 241 , pp. 222-231. 10.1016/j.foodchem.2017.08.050

Paramithiotis, Spiros, Spadafora, Natasha, Muller, Carsten, Drosinos, Eleftherios H and Rogers, Hilary 2018. Sniffing out contaminants. Food Science and Technology

Kean, Eleanor Freya, Bruford, Michael William, Russo, Isa-Rita M., Muller, Carsten Theodor and Chadwick, Elizabeth Anna 2017. Odour dialects among wild mammals. Scientific Reports 7 , 13593. 10.1038/s41598-017-12706-8

Cavaiuolo, Marina, Cocetta, Giacomo, Spadafora, Natasha D, Müller, Carsten Theodor, Rogers, Hilary Joan and Ferrante, Antonio 2017. Gene expression analysis of rocket salad under pre-harvest and postharvest stresses: a transcriptomic resource for Diplotaxis tenuifolia. PLoS ONE 12 (5) , e0178119. 10.1371/journal.pone.0178119

Furtado, C., Belo, A. F., Nunes, F. M., Ganhão, E., Müller, Carsten Theodor, Torres, L. and Rei, F. T. 2016. Evaluating potential olive orchard sugar food sources for the olive fly parasitoid Psyttalia concolor. BioControl 61 (5) , pp. 473-483. 10.1007/s10526-016-9732-5

Hiscox, Jennifer, Savoury, Melanie, Johnston, Sarah R., Parfitt, David, Muller, Carsten Theodor, Rogers, Hilary Joan and Boddy, Lynne 2016. Location, location, location: priority effects in wood decay communities may vary between sites. Environmental Microbiology 18 (6) , pp. 1954-1969. 10.1111/1462-2920.13141

Spadafora, Natasha D., Amaro, Ana L., Pereira, Maria J., Müller, Carsten Theodor, Pintado, Manuela and Rogers, Hilary Joan 2016. Multi-trait analysis of post-harvest storage in rocket salad (Diplotaxis tenuifolia) links sensorial, volatile and nutritional data. Food Chemistry , pp. 114-123. 10.1016/j.foodchem.2016.04.107

Spadafora, Natasha D., Paramithiotis, Spiros, Drosinos, Eleftherios H., Cammarisano, Laura, Rogers, Hilary J. and Muller, Carsten Theodor 2016. Detection of Listeria monocytogenes in cut melon fruit using analysis of volatile organic compounds. Food Microbiology 54 , pp. 52-59. 10.1016/

Bell, Luke, Spadafora, Natasha D., Muller, Carsten Theodor, Wagstaff, Carol and Rogers, Hilary Joan 2016. Use of TD-GC–TOF-MS to assess volatile composition during post-harvest storage in seven accessions of rocket salad (Eruca sativa). Food Chemistry 194 , pp. 626-636. 10.1016/j.foodchem.2015.08.043

El Ariebi, Nawal, Hiscox, Jennifer, Scriven, Sarah A., Muller, Carsten Theodor and Boddy, Lynne 2016. Production and effects of volatile organic compounds during interspecific interactions. Fungal Ecology 20 , pp. 144-154. 10.1016/j.funeco.2015.12.013

Hiscox, Jennifer, Savoury, Melanie, Vaughan, Ian Phillip, Muller, Carsten and Boddy, Lynne 2015. Antagonistic fungal interactions influence carbon dioxide evolution from decomposing wood. Fungal Ecology 14 , pp. 24-32. 10.1016/j.funeco.2014.11.001

Aros, Danilo, Spadafora, Natasha, Venturi, Michela, Núñez-Lillo, Gerardo, Meneses, Claudio, Methven, Lisa, Muller, Carsten Theodor and Rogers, Hilary Joan 2015. Floral scent evaluation of segregating lines of Alstroemeria caryophyllaea. Scientia Horticulturae 185 , pp. 183-192. 10.1016/j.scienta.2015.01.014

Hiscox, Jennifer, Savoury, Melanie, Muller, Carsten T., Lindahl, Björn D., Rogers, Hilary J. and Boddy, Lynne 2015. Priority effects during fungal community establishment in beech wood. ISME Journal 9 , pp. 2246-2260. 10.1038/ismej.2015.38

Baldassarre, V., Cabassi, G., Spadafora, Natasha D., Aprile, A., Muller, Carsten Theodor, Rogers, Hilary Joan and Ferrante, A. 2015. Wounding tomato fruit elicits ripening-stage specific changes in gene expression and production of volatile compounds. Journal of Experimental Botany 66 (5) , pp. 1511-1526. 10.1093/jxb/eru516

Kean, Eleanor, Chadwick, Elizabeth Anna and Muller, Carsten Theodor 2015. Scent signals individual identity and country of origin in otters. Mammalian Biology 80 (2) , pp. 99-105. 10.1016/j.mambio.2014.12.004

Förster, Nadja, Ulrichs, Christian, Schreiner, Monika, Muller, Carsten Theodor and Mewis, Inga 2015. Development of a reliable extraction and quantification method for glucosinolates in Moringa oleifera. Food Chemistry 166 , pp. 456-464. 10.1016/j.foodchem.2014.06.043

Spadafora, Natasha D., Machado, I., Muller, Carsten Theodor, Pintado, M., Bates, M. and Rogers, Hilary Joan 2015. Physiological, metabolite and volatile analysis of cut size in melon during postharvest storage. Acta Horticulturae 1071 , pp. 787-793. 10.17660/ActaHortic.2015.1071.104

Symondson, William Oliver Christian, Holloway, Jeremy D., Goossens, Benoit and Muller, Carsten Theodor 2015. Bornean caterpillar (Lepidoptera) constructs cocoon fromVatica rassak(Dipterocarpaceae) resin containing multiple deterrent compounds. Journal of Natural History 49 (9-10) , pp. 553-560. 10.1080/00222933.2014.939731

Muller, Carsten Theodor, Kean, Eleanor, Chadwick, Elizabeth Anna, Spadafora, Damiana and Rogers, Hilary Joan 2014. Scents and scentsivity - what scents (may) spell out and ways to read it. Flavour 3 (Supp 1) , p. 11. 10.1186/2044-7248-3-S1-P11

Morton, W., Muller, Carsten Theodor, Goodwin, Naomi, Wilkes, A and Hall, Judith Elizabeth 2013. Investigation of phthalate release from tracheal tubes. Anaesthesia 68 (4) , pp. 377-381. 10.1111/anae.12083

Aros Orellana, Danilo Fernando, Gonzalez, Veronica, Allemann, Rudolf Konrad, Müller, Carsten Theodor, Rosati, Carlo and Rogers, Hilary Joan 2012. Volatile emissions of scented Alstroemeria genotypes are dominated by terpenes, and a myrcene synthase gene is highly expressed in scented Alstroemeria flowers. Journal of Experimental Botany 63 (7) , pp. 2739-2752. 10.1093/jxb/err456

Burnard, D., Hubbard, P.C., Muller, Carsten Theodor, Griffiths, Sian Wyn, Andreou, D., Osselton, M.D., Canário, A.V.M. and Gozlan, R.E. 2012. Chemically-mediated sexual display postures in pre-ovulatory female topmouth gudgeon, Pseudorasbora parva. Behaviour 149 (9) , pp. 1003-1018. 10.1163/1568539X-00003024

Telezhkin, Vsevolod, Brazier, Stephen P., Mears, Ruth, Müller, Carsten T., Riccardi, Daniela and Kemp, Paul J. 2011. Cysteine residue 911 in C-terminal tail of human BKCaα channel subunit is crucial for its activation by carbon monoxide. Pflugers Archiv-European Journal of Physiology 461 (6) , pp. 665-675. 10.1007/s00424-011-0924-7

Markman, Shai, Müller, Carsten Theodor, Pascoe, David, Dawson, Alistair and Buchanan, Katherine Louise 2011. Pollutants affect development in nestling starlings Sturnus vulgaris. Journal of Applied Ecology 48 (2) , pp. 391-397. 10.1111/j.1365-2664.2010.01931.x

Mewis, Inga, Smetanska, Iryna, Müller, Carsten Theodor and Ulrichs, Christian 2011. Specific poly-phenolic compounds in cell culture of Vitis vinifera L. cv. Gamay Fréaux. Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology 164 (2) , pp. 148-161. 10.1007/s12010-010-9122-x

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Hardege, J. D., Bartels-Hardege, H. D., Fletcher, N., Terschak, J. A., Harley, M., Smith, M. A., Davidson, L., Hayden, D., Müller, Carsten Theodor, Lorch, M., Welham, K., Walther, T. and Bublitz, R. 2011. Identification of a female sex pheromone in Carcinus maenas. Marine Ecology Progress Series 436 , pp. 177-189. 10.3354/meps09226

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Singhrao, S. K., Müller, Carsten Theodor, Gilbert, Sophie Jane, Duance, Victor Colin and Archer, Charles William 2009. An immunofluorescence method for post-embedded tissue in acrylic resin Technovit 9100 New(R) using fluorescein isothiocyanate secondary detection marker [Abstract]. International Journal of Experimental Pathology 90 (2) , A129.

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George, Christopher H., Barberini-Jammaers, Steven Roger and Müller, Carsten Theodor 2008. Refocussing therapeutic strategies for cardiac arrhythmias: defining viable molecular targets to restore cardiac ion flux drug. Expert Opinion on Therapeutic Patents 18 (1) , pp. 1-19. 10.1517/13543776.18.1.1

Evans, Jennifer A., Eyre, Catherine A., Rogers, Hilary Joan, Boddy, Lynne and Müller, Carsten Theodor 2008. Changes in volatile production during interspecific interactions between four wood rotting fungi growing in artificial media. Fungal Ecology 1 (2-3) , pp. 57-68. 10.1016/j.funeco.2008.06.001

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Hayden, Dominic, Jennings, Alice, Muller, Carsten, Pascoe, David, Bublitz, Ralf, Webb, Heather, Breithaupt, Thomas, Watkins, Lloyd and Hardege, Jörg 2007. Sex-specific mediation of foraging in the shore crab, Carcinus maenas. Hormones and Behavior 52 (2) , pp. 162-168. 10.1016/j.yhbeh.2007.03.004

Lemar, Katey M., Aon, Miguel A., Cortassa, Sonia, O'Rourke, Brian, Muller, Carsten Theodor and Lloyd, David 2007. Diallyl disulphide depletes glutathione inCandida albicans: oxidative stress-mediated cell death studied by two-photon microscopy. Yeast 24 (8) , pp. 695-706. 10.1002/yea.1503

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