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Pires, Ana, Greenshields Watson, Alexander, Jones, Emma, Smart, Kathryn, Lauder, Sarah N., Somerville, Michelle, Milutinovic, Stefan, Kendrick, Howard, Hindley, James P., French, Rhiannon, Smalley, Matthew J., Watkins, William John, Andrews, Robert, Godkin, Andrew and Gallimore, Awen 2020. Immune remodelling of the extracellular matrix drives loss of cancer stem cells and tumor rejection. Cancer Immunology Research 10.1158/2326-6066.CIR-20-0070
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Tornillo, Giusy, Knowlson, Catherine, Kendrick, Howard, Cooke, Joe, Mirza, Hasan, Aurrekoetxea-Rodriguez, Iskander, d.M. Vivanco, Maria, Buckley, Niamh E., Grigoriadis, Anita and Smalley, Matthew J. 2018. Dual mechanisms of LYN kinase dysregulation drive aggressive behaviour in breast cancer cells. Cell Reports 25 (13) , pp. 3674-3692. 10.1016/j.celrep.2018.11.103

Greenow, Kristy R., Zverev, Matthew, May, Stephanie, Kendrick, Howard, Williams, Geraint T., Phesse, Toby and Parry, Lee 2018. Lect2 deficiency is characterised by altered cytokine levels and promotion of intestinal tumourigenesis. Oncotarget 9 (92) , pp. 36430-36443. 10.18632/oncotarget.26335

Soady, Kelly J., Tornillo, Giusy, Kendrick, Howard, Meniel, Valerie, Olijnyk-Dallis, Daria, Morris, Joanna S., Stein, Torstein, Gusterson, Barry A., Isacke, Clare M. and Smalley, Matthew J. 2017. Receptor protein tyrosine phosphatase PTPRB negatively regulates FGF2-dependent branching morphogenesis. Development 144 (20) , pp. 3777-3788. 10.1242/dev.149120

Iglesias, Juan Manuel, Cairney, Claire J., Ferrier, Roderick K., McDonald, Laura, Soady, Kelly, Kendrick, Howard, Pringle, Marie-Anne, Morgan, Reginald O., Martin, Finian, Smalley, Matthew John, Blyth, Karen and Stein, Torsten 2015. Annexin A8 identifies a subpopulation of transiently quiescent c-Kit positive luminal progenitor cells of the ductal mammary epithelium. Plos One 10 (3) , e0119718. 10.1371/journal.pone.0119718

Soady, Kelly J., Kendrick, Howard, Gao, Qiong, Tutt, Andrew, Zvelebil, Marketa, Ordonez, Liliana D., Quist, Jelmar, Tan, David Wei-Min, Isacke, Clare M., Grigoriadis, Anita and Smalley, Matthew J. 2015. Mouse mammary stem cells express prognostic markers for triple-negative breast cancer. Breast Cancer Research 17 , 31. 10.1186/s13058-015-0539-6

Melchor, Lorenzo, Molyneux, Gemma, Mackay, Alan, Magnay, Fiona-Ann, Atienza, María, Kendrick, Howard, Nava-Rodrigues, Daniel, López-García, María Ángeles, Milanezi, Fernanda, Greenow, Kirsty, Robertson, David, Palacios, José, Reis-Filho, Jorge S. and Smalley, Matthew J. 2014. Identification of cellular and genetic drivers of breast cancer heterogeneity in genetically engineered mouse tumour models. Journal of Pathology 233 (2) , pp. 124-137. 10.1002/path.4345

Cowley, Michael, Garfield, Alastair S., Madon-Simon, Marta, Charalambous, Marika, Clarkson, Richard W. E., Smalley, Matthew John, Kendrick, Howard, Isles, Anthony Roger, Parry, Aled J., Carney, Sara, Oakey, Rebecca J., Heisler, Lora K., Moorwood, Kim, Wolf, Jason B. and Ward, Andrew 2014. Developmental programming mediated by complementary roles of imprinted Grb10 in mother and pup. PLoS Biology 12 (2) , e1001799. 10.1371/journal.pbio.1001799

Regan, Joseph L., Sourisseau, Tony, Soady, Kelly, Kendrick, Howard, McCarthy, Afshan, Tang, Chan, Brennan, Keith, Linardopoulos, Spiros, White, Donald E. and Smalley, Matthew John 2013. Aurora A kinase regulates mammary epithelial cell fate by determining mitotic spindle orientation in a Notch-dependent manner. Cell Reports 4 (1) , pp. 110-123. 10.1016/j.celrep.2013.05.044

Zvelebil, Marketa, Oliemuller, Erik, Gao, Qiong, Wansbury, Olivia, Mackay, Alan, Kendrick, Howard, Smalley, Matthew John, Reis-Filho, Jorge S. and Howard, Beatrice A. 2013. Embryonic mammary signature subsets are activated in Brca1-/- and basal-like breast cancers. Breast Cancer Research 15 (2) , R25. 10.1186/bcr3403

Hopkins, S., Linderoth, E., Hantschel, O., Suarez-Henriques, P., Pilia, G., Kendrick, Howard, Smalley, Matthew John, Superti-Furga, G. and Ferby, I. 2012. Mig6 is a sensor of EGF receptor inactivation that directly activates c-Abl to induce apoptosis during epithelial homeostasis. Developmental Cell 23 (3) , pp. 547-559. 10.1016/j.devcel.2012.08.001

Smalley, Matthew John, Kendrick, Howard, Sheridan, Julie M., Regan, Joseph L., Prater, Michael D., Lindeman, Geoffrey J., Watson, Christine J., Visvader, Jane E. and Stingl, John 2012. Isolation of mouse mammary epithelial subpopulations: a comparison of leading methods. Journal of Mammary Gland Biology and Neoplasia 17 (2) , pp. 91-97. 10.1007/s10911-012-9257-1

Regan, J. L., Kendrick, Howard, Magnay, F.-A., Vafaizadeh, V., Groner, B. and Smalley, Matthew 2012. c-Kit is required for growth and survival of the cells of origin of Brca1-mutation-associated breast cancer. Oncogene 31 (7) , pp. 869-883. 10.1038/onc.2011.289

Wansbury, Olivia, Mackay, Alan, Kogata, Naoko, Mitsopoulos, Costas, Kendrick, Howard, Davidson, Kathryn, Ruhrberg, Christiana, Reis- Filho, Jorge, Smalley, Matthew John, Zvelebil, Marketa and Howard, Beatrice 2011. Transcriptome analysis of embryonic mammary cells reveals insights into mammary lineage establishment. Breast Cancer Research 13 (4) , R79. 10.1186/bcr2928

Molyneux, Gemma, Geyer, Felipe, Magnay, Fiona-Ann, McCarthy, Afshan, Kendrick, Howard, Natrajan, Rachael, MacKay, Alan, Grigoriadis, Anita, Tutt, Andrew, Ashworth, Alan, Reis-Filho, Jorge and Smalley, Matthew John 2010. BRCA1 basal-like breast cancers originate from luminal epithelial progenitors and not from basal stem cells. Cell Stem Cell 7 (3) , pp. 403-417. 10.1016/j.stem.2010.07.010

Grigoriadis, Anita, Oliver, Gavin, Tanney, Austin, Kendrick, Howard, Smalley, Matthew John, Jat, Parmjit and Neville, A. Munro 2009. Identification of differentially expressed sense and antisense transcript pairs in breast epithelial tissues. BMC Genomics 10 (1) , 324. 10.1186/1471-2164-10-324

Huser, C. A., Pringle, M. A., Heath, V. J., Bell, A. K., Kendrick, Howard, Smalley, Matthew John, Crighton, D., Ryan, K. M., Gusterson, B. A. and Stein, T. 2009. TSC-22D1 isoforms have opposing roles in mammary epithelial cell survival. Cell Death and Differentiation 17 (2) , pp. 304-315. 10.1038/cdd.2009.126

Britt, Kara L., Kendrick, Howard, Regan, Joseph L., Molyneux, Gemma, Magnay, Fiona-Ann, Ashworth, Alan and Smalley, Matthew John 2009. Pregnancy in the mature adult mouse does not alter the proportion of mammary epithelial stem/progenitor cells. Breast Cancer Research 11 (2) , R20. 10.1186/bcr2245

Kendrick, Howard, Regan, Joseph, Magnay, Fiona-Ann, Grigoriadis, Anita, Mitsopoulos, Costas, Zvelebil, Marketa and Smalley, Matthew John 2008. Transcriptome analysis of mammary epithelial subpopulations identifies novel determinants of lineage commitment and cell fate. BMC Genomics 9 (1) , 591. 10.1186/1471-2164-9-591

Smalley, Matthew John, Iravani, M., Leao, M., Grigoriadis, A., Kendrick, Howard, Dexter, T., Fenwick, K., Regan, J. L., Britt, K., McDonald, S., Lord, C. J., Mackay, A. and Ashworth, A. 2007. Regulator of G-protein signalling 2 (RGS2) mRNA is differentially expressed in mammary epithelial subpopulations and overexpressed in the majority of breast cancers. Breast Cancer Research 9 (6) , R85. 10.1186/bcr1834

Sleeman, Katherine E., Kendrick, Howard, Ashworth, Alan, Isacke, Clare M. and Smalley, Matthew John 2006. CD24 staining of mouse mammary gland cells defines luminal epithelial, myoepithelial/basal and non-epithelial cells. Breast Cancer Research 8 (R7) 10.1186/bcr1371

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