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Golubchikov, Oleg and Wolfe, Sven Daniel 2020. Russia and the politics of extraverted urbanism in the 2014 Winter Olympics and the 2018 World Cup. In: Rojo-Labaien, Ekain, Rodríguez Díaz, Álvaro and Rookwood, Joel eds. Sport, Statehood and Transition in Europe: Comparative Perspectives from Post-Soviet and Post-Socialist Societies, Routledge, pp. 214-232. (10.4324/9780429325847-13)

O'Sullivan, Kate, Golubchikov, Oleg and Mehmood, Abid 2020. Uneven energy transitions: Understanding continued energy peripheralization in rural communities. Energy Policy 138 , 111288. 10.1016/j.enpol.2020.111288
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Golubchikov, Oleg and O'Sullivan, Kate 2020. Energy periphery: uneven development and the precarious geographies of low-carbon transition. Energy and Buildings 211 , 109818. 10.1016/j.enbuild.2020.109818
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